Oxbull Immunity Refund Policy

At Oxbull, we’ve never stopped prioritizing the safety and trust of our community members. Oxbull aims to ensure that investors have a transparent and fair experience while participating in IDOs. The team understands that circumstances may change, and a refund option helps provides a safety net for those who are not satisfied with their contributions.

If an investor is keen to request for a refund, they shall have a window of 24 hours from Token Generation to do so. The refund policy will abide to the strict timeframe, any further requests after the allocated time will not be entertained.

A dedicated refund section will be made available in project claiming page for this purpose.

A FULL refund will be available to investors who have not claimed any tokens, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click the refund button.

  2. Approve the transaction in wallet.

  3. Voilà!

For investors who have claimed the initial token release, but intends to exercise FULL refund:

  1. Click the refund button.

  2. Approve the transactions to return the claimed tokens and receive the refunded amount.

  3. Voilà!

For those who have claimed the initial token release, Investors will need to have sufficient project tokens in your wallet to return in order for the refund to be successful. Else an Error will occur:

Please be reminded that investors who have exercised Refund will no longer be eligible to receive any vested tokens and/or benefits, if any, otherwise as originally scheduled.

Refunds will not be available for the following:

  • Investors who did not participate in the IDO

  • Investors whose address are Blacklisted

  • Transaction Fees and/or Gas incurred

  • Projects where an alternate contract/project/contract address was released on their own

  • Losses arising from scam, frauds or projects with malicious intent

  • Requests that have exceeded the 24 hour TGE window

The aforementioned list is not exhaustive and can be further subject to change.

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